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What does the red dot mean on Apple Watch? Watch icons explained

So, you know the Apple Watch’s interface, right? It’s a mix of big and small, beautiful and functional. You know what the “Digital Crown” is, and you know how to use the “Digital Crown” to change the interface to the right app. And you know that the “watch face” is just a bunch of text that you can change to show what’s going on when you glance at your wrist. But what does the red dot mean? As you can see in the screenshot above, the red dot isn’t actually a dot. It’s actually a “small circle with a dot in the middle”, which is what most folks refer to as a “watch face”. I’m guessing that a lot of you are scratching

Not sure what that little red dot on the Apple Watch means? Here’s a guide to what each icon means so you’ll know what to expect when you upgrade to watchOS 4.

On the Apple Watch, the red dot on the home screen notifies you that a new notification has arrived, or you can tap it to view it. You can also use the Apple Watch’s Control Center to view notifications (by swiping up from the bottom of the screen) and do other tasks. But what does it mean to receive a notification? And what about the three expandable circles to the side of the dot?

From receiving calls and texts to getting notifications from your favorite apps, the Apple Watch is one of the most convenient ways to stay informed, even when you don’t have an iPhone nearby. However, it takes time to become fully familiar with the features of the Apple Watch. Every time you look at the front of your Apple Watch, chances are there’s at least one icon you don’t understand, and in some cases it’s a red dot. While many icons are displayed on the watch face, many others are located in the control center. If you are confused and don’t know what each term means, we can help. In this article, you’ll learn what the red dot and other icons on the Apple Watch mean. Also read : How do I sign out of the Apple Watch? If you see a red dot in the top center of the watch screen, it means you have an unread notification. You can check and reject the notification by following the steps below. word-image-18221

How do I check the notifications on my Apple Watch?

When your watch face is active, swipe down from the top of the screen to see all the notifications you’ve received in the notification center. word-image-18222

  • To read and reply to the notification, touch it separately.
  • To delete an unopened notification, swipe left, and tap the X icon.
  • To remove an open notification, scroll to the bottom of the screen and tap Disconnect.
  • To delete all notifications at once, tap Delete at the top of the screen.

How do I turn off the red dot on my Apple Watch?

If you no longer want to see the red dot when you receive a notification, you can turn off the notification feature in the Watch app on your paired iPhone. Perform the following steps. word-image-18223

  • Open the Watch app and tap Notifications.
  • Slide the notification light to the left to turn off the red dot.

Also read : How do I get water off my Apple Watch? Here are all the icons on the Apple Watch, including green, red, DND, plane, water lock and others, with screenshots and accompanying explanatory charts. word-image-18224

Green Lightning Flashes red Air mode
The green lightning bolt icon in the top center of the screen indicates that the Apple Watch is charging. A flashing red icon indicates that the Apple Watch battery is low. Displayed when the airplane mode is on. During this time you will not be able to access the wireless features of the watch, but the wireless features will still be available.


Do not disturb Theater mode WiFi network
The moon icon indicates Do Not Disturb, which disables call and message notifications. The alarm remains active. When activated, this mode automatically activates silent mode and the screen remains dark until you touch, turn or press the side button on the digital crown. It keeps the screen dark even when the Always on function is activated. If your Apple Watch is connected to WiFi instead of mobile data, a blue WiFi icon will appear in the Control Center.


Cellular network iPhone disabled No radio network
If your Apple Watch has the GPS+Cellular version, the green dots in the Control Center indicate that the Watch is connected to a cellular network. The filled green dots indicate the strength of the signal. A red phone icon means the Apple Watch is not connected to the paired iPhone. Try moving the watch closer to the device or turning off airplane mode if it is on. A red cross at the top of the Watch screen means your Apple Watch (GPS+Cellular) has lost connection to the cellular network.


Water lock AirPlay Placeholder
When the water lock is activated, a small drip symbol appears on the display and the display no longer reacts. Rotate the digital head to release the water seal and drain any water that has entered the speaker openings. You can select the desired audio output from the AirPlay icon. You can choose from headphones, speakers and other connected accessories. This icon indicates that the app on your Apple Watch uses location-based services.


Slot Rest position Training
Your Apple Watch is locked and you must enter a password to gain access. When sleep mode is activated, a bed icon appears on the screen. The watch turns off the Always On indicator and enters Do Not Disturb mode. You can set the sleep detection feature in the Health app to track your sleep cycle each night and wake you up with an alarm and a good morning message on your iPhone screen. The workout icon will appear on the watch face when a workout session is in progress. You can tap the icon to open the application directly and perform actions such as pausing and stopping the workout.


Radio Now playing Navigation
The yellow icon means that the watch has enabled walkie-talkie mode, which allows you to connect directly with your friends via the Apple Watch. When an audio recording is playing on your Apple Watch or iPhone, the Play icon appears on the Watch face. You can click on the media management icon. The arrow icon is displayed when the map application is active and displaying directions on the watch.


Microphone iPhone connected Ping iPhone
WatchOS 7 has a new microphone icon that indicates your Apple Watch is being tapped. It appears when you interact with Siri, record a voice memo, or when the app uses the microphone – handheld detection and walkie-talkies. A green phone icon appears in Control Center when your Apple Watch is connected to an iPhone. The iPhone ping icon in Control Center helps you find a paired iPhone. Press the icon and the iPhone will beep. Press and hold the icon until your iPhone’s LED flashes and you hear a beep.


Silent operation Parts of batteries Lantern
If you do not want to be disturbed by alarms or calls, activate Silent Mode on the control panel. The icon changes from a normal bell icon to a crossed out bell icon. Displays the current battery level. Press the icon to open the window where you can set the watch to standby mode when the battery is low. Activate the indicator light on the Apple Watch. You can choose from three options: static white light, flashing white light and static red light.


School hours
Click on the SchoolTime icon to activate the feature. When activated, the pictogram turns yellow and reduces visibility, meaning less distraction for children. Parents can control it through the Family Setup feature on their iPhone.

Also read : How do I turn off the digital crown on my Apple Watch? word-image-18233 When she’s not busy organizing sporting events, she tries to put meaningful words on paper. He is passionate about tennis, photography and poetry in Hindi and Urdu. You can contact Monica via email: [email protected]Apple Watch has an intuitive interface that’s great to use, but sometimes it’s hard to know what’s going on. For example, what does the red dot on the watch face mean? Well, it’s time to get to the bottom of it.. Read more about how do i get rid of the red dot on my apple watch and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a red dot on my Apple watch mean?

Are you having a hard time understanding what a watch face indicator means? You’re not alone. A recent study found that a third of people don’t know what those little icons mean. In this post, we break down what each icon means, and how you can use it to improve your daily life. Speaking of Apple watches, when does the red dot appear on your watch? If you have an Apple Watch, you will have noticed the red dot appear on the watch face after the initial setup. It can also appear at any other time, but it does not indicate any issues with the watch. If the dot disappears, it means the watch is properly charging.

What are the symbols on Apple Watch?

It’s no secret that Apple is big on design, but where do they get their ideas and inspiration from? One of the more interesting nuggets of information we found when researching our new Apple Watch article is that the company uses a futuristic font design for their watch faces. The dots Apple Watch features were not created by Apple. They’re a ready-made icon that comes from the icons of old mobile phones. When did they appear? The smartphone icons were popular in the late 2000s, when smartphone owners wanted to show off their phones to others. They made your phone look cooler, so they became a status symbol.

How do I fix the red disconnect icon on my Apple Watch?

If you have a brand new Apple Watch Series 3, your screen may be displaying an unusual symbol. It looks like an exclamation point, but with a red dot instead of a period. This is called the “red dot” symbol and it is supposed to be a safety feature indicating that the battery is nearing empty. Apple’s new watchOS 3.0 operating system is fantastic. It brings a lot of new features, including the ability to track your activity with ease, “Digital Crown” scrolling and a new dock, but it also brought one small—but big problem for some. Some users have reported seeing a small red circle on the digital crown when they raise the watch from a face-down position.

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