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Newsomatic Review: Feature-Rich Autoblogging Solution

Although most bloggers are focused on creating their own content, we all know how important it is to have a tool to manage your website’s content and styles, as well as to keep your readers up-to-date with the latest news and updates.

This is a review of a cool new feature-rich Autoblogging solution called Newsomatic that provides an easy way to publish to various media destinations such as Facebook, Twitter and many more, and track daily activity to help you reach your goals.

It took a little while before I found a good blogging platform for Android. I’d use either Blogger or Tumblr, but neither were professional enough. Then, I stumbled upon Newsomatic. It was designed by a Stanford professor, with a focus on improving computer-human interaction. It includes several features that you won’t find in other blogging platforms.

Autoblogging is not a new concept, it has been around for years. For those not familiar with the term, autoblogging is the process of pulling content from various sources and automatically publishing blogs with that content, without human intervention. Just select certain foods, set the program and start the machine. The automatic blogging tool starts feeding your website with content from the selected channels.

In this article I’m going to look at one of the most popular autoblog tools, Newsomatic. I’ll give it a try as well to see the possibilities and features.

Let’s take the plunge!

Newsomatic magazine

Newsomatic is an API-based automatic content importer that you can install on your website to get content from your favorite channels or sources. If you love autoblogs, this tool is the perfect automation tool that makes publishing articles and filling blogs very easy.

While most automated blogging tools are limited to news and similar niches, Newsomatic covers a wide range of niches as more than 70 listed sources work with the Newsomatic API. You only need to configure the loop once, and it will start importing content from the listed sites.

How does it work?

Newsomatic is powered by a functional API that allows you to easily extract content from other websites. The new updated API makes it easy to get started and you can start filling your site with useful content in minutes. Since the plugin has its own API, the user has complete control. So, if you want to add new resources, you can do so by simply contacting the plugin developers.


When I first tried this tool, I was amazed at the number of options and the fine-grained control it offers. It is impossible to cover all the features in this overview, so I will only talk about the ones that stand out.

  1. Easy import: With the Newsomatic API, you can easily import content and blogs from popular websites and publish them on your website in minutes.
  2. Adjustment: Incoming messages, like all messages, are fully customizable based on certain predefined rules.
  3. Content review: You have full control over links, images, headers, content, favorite images and even the status of posts.
  4. Translation: With Google translate you can easily translate your blog posts into the language of your choice.
  5. Investment notes : You can set a minimum or maximum limit for article titles, choose to publish only if the article is accompanied by an image, define forbidden and allowed keywords.
  6. Text Spinner : The plugin has a powerful word search engine that replaces words with synonyms to avoid plagiarism problems.
  7. Automatic Image Replacement : This tool allows you to automatically replace images in your blog posts with images from royalty-free sources like Pixabay, Pexels and Flickr.
  8. Random sentence generator: This feature generates random and meaningful sentences that are suitable for both crawlers and readers.
  9. Skip the items: You can set different rules to ignore messages that do not meet your chosen criteria.
  10. Information metabox: This provides a detailed information meta tag to provide additional information about the automatically generated messages at the end of each message.
  11. Practical article search: This function allows you to search for articles by keyword in any language.

Okay, enough details. Let’s try Newsomatic and see how it works.

Practical work with Newsomatic

I created a test environment to try out Newsomatic, and in my experience it was pretty easy to set up. Just download, install and activate the plugin like any other.

Since the plugin is distributed by Codecanyon, you need to add the purchase code in the plugin settings tab and the Newsomatic API key.

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The main settings page is a huge list of configuration options, which we’ll look at later. First, let’s see how we can start importing articles from other sites.

Automatically add custom messages tomessages

To start the automatic blog engine, you need to go to WP Admin > Newsomatic Post Generator > Custom News to Posts. Here you can add any number of resources for your site.

Let’s say I set up an automated engine for a games website. Here’s what I’m gonna do;

  • Select the source of the item from the list of options. I pick GameSpot.
  • Now the program: I have it set to run every 2 hours.
  • To limit the maximum number of messages, enter the number of messages.
  • The message status is set to Publish.
  • The item type for the example is set to Post, because I want to import the blog items.
  • Identify the author I want to write about in a note. You can even import an author from a source.
  • Click the Active checkbox to activate the rule.
  • For more detailed options, click Settings. Here you can access the advanced settings. If you want to change the search string, the country of origin, the title of the generated text, the content and the format, you can do everything from this menu.

One feature worth noting is that each setting option is accompanied by a tooltip. If you are not sure about an option, you can just use the symbol to check the option, and it will be clear to you what the option is – you may not change it in the documentation.

After you have made the changes, click the Save Settings button. You can now select the action for the rule.

To do this, click the Select Action button and choose the option you want to execute. For example, I want to run this rule and import the GameSpot blogs. I just need to select the Run this rule now option and click OK at the prompt. All messages in this niche are imported.

The other sources can be configured in the same way.

Main parameters of the plug-in

This is probably the first page you’ll see, and it covers all the general settings for the plugin. On this page you can check the plugin for all rules and messages. It makes more sense to look at the settings and check the options yourself, but if you’re curious, here’s a brief overview of the most useful options:

  1. Plugin options : It is possible to enable or disable message drafting, check for duplicate messages and manual cron execution.
  2. Message content options : Here you can define the content of the message, for example. B. Link generation, custom date formatting, robots no-index meta tag, read more button, rotating header, machine translation, HTML element removal, etc.
  3. Investment Restrictions : Here you can define rules for contribution loops, e.g. B. maximum or minimum length of titles, length of content, list of prohibited words, mandatory words and skip messages without images.
  4. Ability to select appropriate images: Here you can make adjustments like B. copying the main images locally, skipping the main images from the generated message content, changing the height and width, and even copying the images locally from the content.
  5. Do not import copyrighted images: Here you can define API keys for the service to be used and define custom rules for image selection and filtering.
  6. Random sentence generator: Here you can create a list of possible sentences, a second list of possible sentences and even a list of variables. These options make it easier for the engine to populate content with random phrases.
  7. Keyword replacement tool for affiliates : If you are creating content that targets a specific keyword, you can do so with this tool. All keywords are replaced here by a predefined keyword.

With all these options, you can mark messages effortlessly. Articles are automatically retrieved without you having to edit or review each blog post. Now that we know the main features, let’s look at the prices and tariff plans.

Prices and plans

Compared to its features, Newsomatic’s price is surprisingly attractive: $39 for a website and six months of developer support. If you need extended support, you can get it for the additional price of $12.75.

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For such features and an almost infinite number of granular controls, the plugin is definitely worth buying.

Last pick-up: Automatic message

Writing a blog post from scratch can be very time consuming. This will undoubtedly produce better results in the long run, but if you can’t create quality articles from scratch, check out Newsomatic.

After my analysis, I found that the plugin can easily remove content from other sites, modify them to look just like their own content, and also solve practical problems using practical tools like the Generator for zufällige sites and the Keyword Mixer/Text Twirler. With this plugin you can easily create more content on your website.

If you want to try this plugin, you can do so here : Newsomatic message generator.

Let me know what you think of this plugin and how you will use it in your next project? What is your target market? Let us know your comments in the section below!

Try Newsomatic

Newsomatic is a web-based blogging and social network system that makes it easy for anyone to create and manage their own content. It’s specially designed to help you keep track of all the information you care about. It’s designed to help you be more productive by automatically storing all the information you care about so you never miss a thing. And it’s built to help you be social by letting you connect with others in the community.. Read more about auto posting news website and let us know what you think.

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