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Is WSAPPX causing issues even on Windows 11?

I’ve recently started developing my own apps, and I’m trying to follow the popular WSAPPX (Windows Store App Package) format. That is, I’m using various XAML and code files, and putting them together in a single project. On my first attempt with an app, I noticed that the app crashed on launch. The error I got was (I think) that the app was using Internet Explorer 11, which was not supported by Windows 11. However, I have since re-built the project with the latest version of VS, and it still crashes.

I just recently upgraded to Windows 10 on my Windows 8.1 PC and thought I’d give the Windows Store app for Windows 10 a whirl. Out of nowhere, while trying to play a game online, it started crashing when I clicked on the application. The game wouldn’t launch and I had absolutely no way of accessing the game until I restarted my computer. I was informed that the game still required Microsoft’s Windows Store apps to function. After upgrading to Windows 10, I’ve experienced 2 different issues with WSAPPX – 1) my computer will crash at random and I will have to restart to fix the issue (this occurs while I am using the computer and playing games) and 2) I cannot get WSAPPX to work,

The Windows Store for Windows 10 is a confusing place to begin with, but there’s a whole world of games and apps that you can’t access without a Microsoft account. But how many people have one of those? Unfortunately, it looks like certain third party games and apps are causing issues if you are on Windows 11. According to one user noted that the WSAPPX is causing the game to crash when launched.

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  • The list of Windows 11 issues continues to grow and every day users see new problems.
  • There are reports that there is a persistent problem with WSAPPX in Windows.
  • Obviously, this built-in feature slows down systems because it consumes a lot of CPU and RAM power.
  • None of the available patches that fixed similar problems in Windows 10 have worked yet.

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While most of the key software components that make Windows 11 work together are seamlessly carried over from Windows 10, some components don’t work as they should.

Given that this is the first available pre-build, this is understandable. Most of the bugs and errors found in Windows 11 will likely be fixed as the operating system gets closer to its official launch date.

WSAPPX seems to consume many resources

As most of us know, there have been some issues with WSAPPX even in the current operating system that everyone uses, which is of course Windows 10.

Throughout the life of Windows 10, users have encountered some issues with this built-in feature and have always found workarounds and solutions to problems.

Recall that WSAPPX is a process that runs in the background on a Windows 10 computer as part of Microsoft’s Windows Store and Universal App Platform.

It is mainly used to install, update and remove applications from the store.

Now, however, some users who have downloaded the Dev Channel version of Windows 11 Preview are complaining that WSAPPX is slowing down their systems and consuming a lot of CPU power and RAM memory.

Apparently, users who have reported this issue have tried every available fix that has proven useful in resolving WSAPPX issues in Windows 10.

None of these methods have worked, and those affected by this abnormal behavior are still looking for a way to fix the problem.

Are you also struggling with the same problem? Let us know your comments in the section below.

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