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G-Sync not working in Windows 10 [Gamer’s guide]

I am a gamer with a budget. Unfortunately, I paid for a gaming laptop (Dell XPS 15). The laptop is fine, but it’s a budget gaming laptop and has a few issues. The G-Sync problem is one of them. G-Sync is an adaptive synchronization technology, which provides the hardware to make games look better while also speeding up the frame rate. Windows 10 doesn’t support G-Sync, and certain games don’t support it either. You can enable G-Sync in Windows 10 in the “Gaming” section of the “Display” settings.

Hi, I am a computer guy and I am also a gamer. Recently the G-Sync technology has been working fine on my windows 10 laptop but suddenly I am experiencing an issue. I have had this laptop for about 3 months and I have been quite happy with its performance. However, for some strange reason, the G-Sync feature on my laptop is not working. This new feature on the laptop is supposed to be quite helpful while gaming.

In this guide I hope to help you understand why G-Sync is not working properly in Windows 10 and also to give you a few tips on how to fix it.

Some users reported that they had this problem with G-Sync after installing the latest Nvidia drivers. According to them, they removed the latest drivers and installed the older version on their PC. Removing graphics card drivers is quite simple, and you can do so by using a trusted tool, that is simple to use, and it will remove completely all files related to your graphics card driver. After the driver is removed, you need to visit Nvidia’s website and download and install an older version of the driver. Although this solution works for some users, we have to mention that it’s not perfect. If you experience crashes with your Nvidia driver, then check out our detailed guide to fix them in no time. Users reported that they can’t watch videos on a second monitor after installing older drivers, so if you need to use two or more monitors, you might want to skip this solution. ⇒ Get IObit Uninstaller 10 PRO

4. Check if your G-Sync is properly configured

  1. Restart your PC with the only G-Sync monitor turned on. If you have multiple monitors, turn on other monitors later.
  2. Turn on and off your G-Sync monitor, and check if it’s in G-Sync mode.
  3. Turn on and off the G-Sync option in the Setup G-Sync tab in Nvidia Control Panel.
  4. Be sure to turn on and off G-Sync in Manage 3D Settings section as well.
  5. Make sure that you don’t have fixed refresh, V-Sync, frame rate limit and similar options turned on in the game. If you do, be sure to disable them.

According to users, in order to use G-Sync on Windows 10, you need to configure it properly. To make sure that G-Sync is working properly, follow the above simple steps. After making these changes check if G-Sync is working on your PC. Few users reported that G-Sync doesn’t work if you use two monitors and run the game in Windowed mode, so keep that in mind.

5. Reset Windows 10

Few users reported that they fixed problems with G-Sync on Windows 10 by performing a Windows 10 reset. Resetting Windows 10 will delete all installed applications and files from your primary partition, so you might want to use this solution as a last resort. If you decide to perform this process, we explained how to factory reset Windows 10 in one of our detailed guide, so be sure to check it out for complete instructions.

6. Try replacing your RAM

According to some users, they managed to fix this problem by replacing their RAM. They had some issues with G-Sync and SLI, and according to them, their RAM was the culprit. If you have the same problem, try checking your RAM or replacing one or more memory modules and check if that solves the issue. Problems with G-Sync can cause screen tearing and lead to reduced performance. If you’re a gamer, and you have G-Sync problems, we strongly suggest that you try out some of our solutions. Also, take a closer look at our comprehensive guide if your Nvidia graphics card isn’t detected on Windows 10. If you have any other suggestions or questions, don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments section below. Still having issues? Fix them with this tool:

  1. Download this PC Repair Tool rated Great on (download starts on this page).
  2. Click Start Scan to find Windows issues that could be causing PC problems.
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Restoro has been downloaded by 0 readers this month.While the issues with G-Sync may be caused by a driver bug, there are still other potential fixes that should be tried before replacing your video card. In this guide we’ll show you how to try them all and which one actually fixes the issue.. Read more about does g-sync work with hdmi and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enable GSync on Windows 10?

In a world where gamers are constantly trying to squeeze every extra ounce of performance our PCs can muster, one of the most important components is that the screen has a G-Sync compatible display. While it is possible to buy an older G-Sync compatible monitor and have it updated to work on Windows 10, it is not a simple task. So, what is the trick to enable G-Sync on Windows 10? The new AMD GPU drivers will enable GSync on the AMD platform starting with the Adrenalin drivers. But currently, GSync is not enabled for the AMD platform by default. The problem is that the AMD drivers that ship with Windows 10 are outdated by a few months and contains a bug that disables GSync. This bug was reported to AMD and the fix is being worked on. The end result could be that GSync is even more disabled on the AMD platform in the future.

How do I enable GSync on my monitor?

G-Sync is a technology developed by NVIDIA that reduces tearing and stuttering in videos by synchronizing the frame rate of the graphics card and display. This technology was first introduced in the G-SYNC monitors, but is now available for all laptops equipped with NVIDIA graphics cards. G-Sync also works in conjunction with NVIDIA GameStream, allowing to stream games to a compatible monitor from a GeForce GTX gaming PC. Unfortunately, G-Sync isn’t available for all games. Many games are not yet G-Sync compatible, and many others require additional development to make them work with the G-SYNC technology. In this article, we’re going to look at how you could enable GSync on your Windows 10 system. G-Sync is a new technology developed by Nvidia that allows users to synchronize the speed of their screen and their graphics card’s frame rate, thus achieving a higher frame rate in games. Why is this important? Well, it means gamers can play games at 4K resolution on a 4K monitor, for instance. But the technology also allows the screen to flash in sync with the graphics card’s frame rate, thus eliminating screen tearing. Nvidias G-Sync monitor technology for PCs is already available, but it is currently only compatible with the Nvidia GeForce GTX TITAN X (Pascal-based) graphics cards.

How can I tell if G Sync is working?

I was recently having some issues with Windows 10 not correctly synchronizing with my G-Sync monitor, so I decided to investigate how to tell if G-sync was actually working or not. With some help from Microsoft and some discussions with fellow tech enthusiasts, I found a simple way to find out if your G-Sync monitor is working properly: startup your PC, then press the Windows key + R and type “gsync.sys” into the box that pops up, this will open a system file. If your monitor and your GPU are both listed in this file, then you have a working G-Sync setup. When it comes to laptops, everything is more or less the same. But when it comes to gaming laptops, things can get a little more complicated. For example, some laptops use G-Sync, a technology that combines a panel with a proprietary hardware solution that syncs the panel’s refresh rate with the GPU’s frame rate. The technology was created by Freesync, a company founded by a Nvidia engineer who wanted a way to sync the refresh rate of a panel with the GPU to reduce input lag.

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