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ASUS Malaysia offers Trial & Demo of their new Education Friendly ASUS BR1100F Laptop

ASUS is bringing their education-friendly laptop to Malaysia, and t he brand new ASUS BR1100F is a laptop designed for the classroom. The laptop is intended to be used for students, teachers and anyone else working in the education industry, as well as for those who are looking for a laptop for home and office usage.

The ASUS BR1100F is a new ultra-portable laptop that features a smart design and wide array of features that are ideal for school-aged children. With its light weight and durable design, it’s perfect for transporting to and from school. This notebook also comes with the ASUS exclusive MyCloud, which offers secure, private storage for all of your schoolwork. Just connect the MyCloud to the ASUS BR1100F and you’ll be able to access your files right away.

ASUS Malaysia is pleased to offer a new Intel Core i5 laptop with a remarkable operating system, exclusive applications & support from ASUS. The ASUS BR1100F-C is a highly portable and silent laptop with a beautiful, stylish exterior.

Let’s face it, this pandemic is taking a heavy toll on our minds, bodies, spirits and livelihoods. And I totally understand that, because not only as a content creator, but also as a student, it’s a lot of work. The sudden acceleration and adaptation of the entire online course blew me away every day. But I have friends who tell stories and recount their difficulties in buying a machine to learn because of price or lack of availability. ASUS Malaysia has decided to release the perfect laptop for kids and even teachers. If you want to give it a try, here is a trial program where you can register and try out the new ASUS BR1100F.

6 Main parts of the ASUS BR1100F

The ASUS BR1100F has 6 main functions that make homeschooling a better experience in every way. The fact that for this price you get features that you’d otherwise only find in high-end laptops is also a deal breaker. word-image-5204

Military grade reliability

word-image-5206 If you’re worried about laptops crashing after being dropped, you won’t be at risk with this one because it’s rugged and military-grade. So this laptop is ready to take a beating as soon as you unpack it.

Rubber buffer with round cross-section

word-image-5208 A rubber bumper on all four outer edges and corners helps reduce physical shock and protect the notebook’s delicate and important components.

Splashproof keypad

You’re a student or teacher sitting at breakfast and accidentally spill a cup of milo, tea or coffee. Don’t worry, the keyboard is waterproof. I’m not saying you should lose weight on purpose, but it can be done if you want it.

Noise reduction AI

An essential element of online learning is a good microphone – so that students can be heard clearly when the teacher asks them questions, or when the student is trying to answer and the teacher needs to hear. The AI noise-canceling microphone not only suppresses noise around the user, but also captures the speaker’s voice better.

Noise reduction camera

word-image-5210 Sometimes it is important to write down and show what is happening in a math assignment, or even to show teachers the assignments the student has made, because seeing is believing. The laptop has a noise-cancelling camera that works well in low light, and students can see you and what you are writing.

Webcam Privacy Shield

word-image-5211 In today’s world, privacy matters. The webcam has a privacy screen to protect your online identity, which is especially important for children. In addition, the laptop has extra features like 2-in-1 capabilities, touchscreen and more.

Test and demonstration meeting

word-image-1888 If you’re intrigued by the laptop, you can take the ASUS BR1100F for a test and demo session – and this can be done for parents, guardians or even school representatives. Just go to this link: – and register to try it out. If you want to know more about the laptop, click here.ASUS is the ideal choice for students who need a laptop that keeps up with their busy lifestyle. ASUS has been the leading brand in the laptop market for more than 20 years, with loyal fans in every part of the world. With its extensive product line and award-winning design, ASUS has become the go-to brand for education and productivity.. Read more about asus driver and let us know what you think.

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