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9 Ways How Kodi Can Help Bring About Your Academic Success

If you can’t tell, I’m a big fan of Kodi (formerly known as XBMC). In fact, it’s the reason I’m able to write these blog posts. It’s a great media player that allows me to watch movies and TV series from across the internet with ease. As you may have guessed, the way I use Kodi requires me to have a good internet connection, and for that I use a device called an HTPC (Home Theatre PC).

Do you want to earn good grades in your academics? Do you want to get your best in the exam? You can do it with Kodi and a good study style. Kodi is a great media player that can help you with your school work and also can be a great tool in your daily life. You can use your computer to watch movies, stream sports, listen to music, or play games. All you have to do is, setup Kodi, and get the best entertainment tool called Kodi.

With a Microsoft 365 subscription, you have access to cloud storage and superior Microsoft Office applications. You can use it on a variety of devices, including Windows 10 or the soon-to-be Windows 11 for PC and macOS, and Android and iOS mobile devices. Microsoft 365 also offers premium access to Microsoft Outlook with enhanced email security.

The basic subscription plan for Microsoft 365 is Microsoft 365 Personal. Each subscription can only be used by one person. It includes 1 TB of OneDrive cloud storage and access to premium apps and Outlook email. However, if you and your family members want everyone to have a Microsoft 365 subscription account, it’s best to purchase a Microsoft 365 family plan.

What is a Microsoft 365 family plan?

alt=What-is-Microsoft-365-Family-Subscription-Plan width=400 height=829 data-ez=data-ezsrc= />Credit: Microsoft

Users of this subscription plan have the same access to desktop and mobile applications of Microsoft Office such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. Family members also get an Outlook account with enhanced email security and support, as well as Skype messaging and OneDrive online storage. The only difference between Microsoft 365 Personal and Microsoft 365 Family is the number of users per account and the amount of allocated cloud storage.

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With Microsoft 365 Family, 2 to 6 users can be grouped under the same account. You also get 6TB of OneDrive storage, or 1TB per person. The emphasis is on the price you pay per month or per year. Microsoft 365 Personal costs $6.99 per month or $69.99 per year and Microsoft 365 Family costs $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year.

You can subscribe to the Microsoft 365 Family Plan by purchasing an annual license from the Microsoft Store or Amazon.

Transferring a Microsoft 365 family subscription plan to multiple users in a family

alt=How-To-Share-Microsoft-365-Family-Subscription-Plan-to-Multiple-Users-in-Your-House width=800 height=450 data-ez= data-ezsrc= />Credit: Microsoft

Now that you’ve signed up for the Microsoft 365 Family Plan, it’s time to share it and add multiple users to your account, including friends and family members. Follow these steps to learn how to manage and share Office applications and storage as part of your Microsoft 365 Home subscription.

Start a browser.
Go to
Log in to your account.
Select the Sharing tab at the top of the page.
Click on the Start sharing button.
There are two ways to invite your family members. You can send an invitation by email or via a link.
If you want to send an e-mail invitation, click on Invite by e-mail.
Enter the email addresses of your family members.
Click on the Invite button.
To send an invitation via a link, click Invite via link.
The Share link appears. Click on the Copy Link button next to it.
Send it to them via Messenger or other messaging platforms.

How many members of your family share a Microsoft 365 Family subscription account? We would love to hear your story! You can leave them in the comments section below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you achieve success in academics?

Success in academics is achieved by being able to balance your time well, taking advantage of opportunities, and working hard.

How do you give academic support to students?

Academic support is a broad term that includes many different activities. Some examples of academic support are tutoring, mentoring, and advising.

What makes achieving academic success difficult?

The most difficult part of achieving academic success is the amount of time it takes to complete a degree.

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