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10 Games like Age of Empires IV for PC & Android to play (2021)

In the early 21st century, you could play an addictive strategy game for hours on end and not feel like you needed to get up and take a break. But today, that’s no longer true. Age of Empires IV has made its way to Android, but if you look at the game’s Google Play page, you’ll notice that the app is close to being deprecated. So, on htc-diamond, we’ll make sure that the Age of Empires IV series is around long into the future.

Age of Empires IV for PC & Android is a great game, but the problem is, it’s been out for a while now. I’ve heard that Age of Empires IV for PC features the same game play as the mobile version, while Age of Empires IV for Android features a slightly different game play than the PC version.

Age of Empires IV is an enjoyable real time strategy game, though it’s not particularly amazing. The game is comparable to Civilization V, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s a fun game to play with your friends and family, and it’s very easy to pick up. If you’re looking for the best strategy game like Age of Empires IV , then check out these 10 alternatives.

When we talk about historical real-time strategy games, Age of Empires comes to mind. You can play as different civilizations, upgrade them and even attack your opponents. And when you consider that it’s an online multiplayer game, it’s even more fun. Age of Empires IV should be out soon, and you can read about it by clicking here. But if you want to enjoy these games before they hit the market, here we have collected the top 10 games like Age of Empire IV for PC that you can try. While AOE fans continue to wait for the new game, some still like to play the old AOE games, and that’s nice. But what if you’re really bored and want to play similar games? We’ve made a list of 10 Age of Empires-like games you can play while you wait for the release of Age of Empires IV. This list includes games for PC and consoles.

1. Anno series (PC)

We start the list with one of the most popular real-time urban strategy games. Each game in the Anno series is unique in its own way. It doesn’t matter if it’s at the beginning of the 18th century, the year 2070 or even the ultra-future 2205. You can spend a lot of time improving your city, tweaking the layout, dealing with resources, etc. In addition to the campaign mode, you can also play a sandbox multiplayer match, as you have many custom options to tinker with. Overall, this is a fascinating series that you can play for hours without getting bored for a single moment. The Anno game series is available for purchase on Steam. Check Anno 1800, 2070 and 2205.

2. Dawn of man (PC)

Want to know what it was like to live in prehistoric times, when there was no technology or anything else? Dawn of Man is similar to Age of Empires. You have to manage your city according to the 6 available ages. You can also collect resources and food to keep your inhabitants happy and satisfied. You will be visited by enemies who will throw stones and spears at your inhabitants (in-game, of course). The game has a large map that you can explore in search of resources and hunt animals. Weather conditions can also affect the lives and health of your residents. So you need to make sure that they have access to almost everything they need and that they are supplied at all times. The game is available on Steam for $25. Dawn of Man is being developed by Madruga Works and is scheduled for a 2019 release. Try Dawn of Man on Steam

3. Sid Meier’s Civilization 6 (PC, Android)

After games like Age of Empire 4, here’s Sid Meier’s Civilization 6. It is an old real-time strategy game that is played turn by turn. Now you have different types of districts that need to be created if you want to develop a particular industry. Let’s say that if you want to open banks and commercial spaces, you first need to build a financial district. AI characters now have different roles and agendas to help you make decisions about various factors in improving your own city. The sixth game in the Civilization series is one of the best yet. The game was developed by Firaxis Games and released in 2016. The game costs $14.99 and is available on Steam and Epic Games. Try the game on Steam or in the Epic Games Store and Play Store.

4. Age of Mythology Extended Edition (PC)

Of course the improved version has much better graphics, lighting and sound. The game is based on real-time strategy and allows you to fight against different mythological creatures. The game also includes additional campaigns. You can also play with your friends in the online multiplayer mode. You get the same gameplay as the original game, plus a few fixes here and there. The game is worth a try if you played the original game as a kid. It deserves to be on a list of games like Age of Empires IV. The game is developed by Skybox Labs and costs $29.99. The expanded edition of the game was released in 2014. Discover Age of Mythology Extended Edition on Steam.

5. Teeth and tail (PC)

Tooth and Tail is another good game, similar to Age of Empire IV. In the game you can build farms and receive food deliveries as needed. But not like in other games where there are humans, you play as an animal and you are the leader of a group of animals that will fight against other animals and teams. You can choose from four factions. It is an RTS game where you have to manage and control your troops. Your troops should be commandeered in such a way that you can have them invade other farms and take food from them. The campaign mode is also pretty good, with details like missions, rules, hints, and even an objective to complete if you complete the mission. You can also participate in online multiplayer battles. The game is fun if you like playing with animals and if you like RTS games. The game was developed by Pocketwatch Games and published in 2017. The Tooth and Tail game can be purchased for $19.99. Watch Tooth and Tail on Steam

6. Cities: Skylines (PC)

This is a city building simulator that has been mentioned here several times. How does a city-building simulator end up on this list, you may ask? In the beginning, it’s more of a real-time strategy where you have to solve the city’s problems, meet the needs of its inhabitants and develop your city in time so that your inhabitants don’t wake up one day angry and leave your city. Just like in other games, like Age of Empires 4, you have to manage your resources and balance your economy, so that you don’t spend too much money on things that are not useful for the city and its inhabitants. This is one of the games that you should definitely try, as there are many expansion packs and add-ons. The game was developed by Paradox Interactive and published in 2015. The game costs $29.99. You can also look at games for Android that you can relate to Age of Empires & Cities Skylines. Check the cities: Skylines on Steam and in the Windows Store

7. Tropico 6 (PC)

Another city building simulation game on this list, just because it has a twist. You can build and run your city like a dictator and do whatever you want with it. Whether it’s building entertainment venues, educational institutions or markets, you can control and build or destroy your nation in real time. And not only that: You can also send your men out to steal items and cause destruction in other countries without getting caught, and reward them for their work. A great game if you have played Tropico 5, or maybe even if you are playing it for the first time. It definitely deserves a place in the list of the best games like Age of Empires 4. The game is developed by Limbic Entertainment and released in 2019. Rate the game on Xbox, PS4, Nintendo Switch or PC

8. Starcraft 2 (PC)

Real-time strategies and space battles? Starcraft 2 will take care of you. The game is set in the distant future, somewhere in the 26th century. Century, where you must fight as a leader against aliens who seem to have their own firepower to attack you. Although it is a very old game, it still has a growing number of fans who continue to play it. Her advantage is that she’s in e-sports, so she’ll get even more exposure. The game features a massive single player campaign mode where you can spend several days fighting enemies. The game was developed by Blizzard Entertainment and released in 2010. The game is available for free on PC. Download Starcraft 2 on

9. Total war – Warhammer II (PC)

Total Warhammer II is another better game, as is Age of Empires IV. This is a turn-based real-time strategy game where you can choose different factions, build and explore your city, which will help you improve your skills to fight even better. With additional DLC making the game even more exciting, you can engage in real-time battles and have even more fun in the campaign mode. If you want to manage the city economically and build up your firepower, this can have a big impact on your troops and the city as a whole. The game was developed by Creative Assembly and released on PC in 2017. It’s available on Steam for $59.99. Discover Total Warhammer II on Steam.

10. Command and Conquer : Red Alert 3 (PC)

Become a warlord by taking control of your city and armies in this real-time strategy game. A Soviet-built time machine decides to go back in time and kill none other than Albert Einstein, which raises serious questions since Japan is now their biggest enemy. You can choose to play as the Soviet Union, Japan or the Allies, which includes the United States and Eastern Europe. The decision to play for one team or the other has its pros and cons. For example, the Soviets can build several buildings at once, while the Allies can only build one at a time. If you’ve played the previous Command and Conquer games, you’ll enjoy this one too. This is the last game on our list of Age of Empires 4-style games. The game was developed by EA Los Angles and released in 2008. Command and Conquer – Red Alert 3 is available on Steam for £19.99. Explore Command and Conquer – Red Alert 3 on Steam. Check here for other Android games with a similar concept to Age Of Empires.


Here are 10 games that are similar to Age of Empires, because all these games are real-time strategies. Well, the wait for Age of Empires IV may be a while, you can play those games or if you want, you can just go back and play older Age of Empires games. These are all games similar to Age of Empires IV. Let us know which game on the list is your favorite. Also share games as we missed good games similar to AOE. Check it out:After a long wait, the sequel to Age of Empires is finally here. Over the course of a decade, the franchise has gone from being a moderate success to a runaway hit, with the second installment even topping the charts on release. With the franchise having a cult following, it’s no wonder the franchise is still getting a new installment, and with the release of Age of Empires IV, the series is primed to remain one of the most successful in gaming.. Read more about games like age of empires for ps4 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any game similar to Age of Empires?

Age of Empires is a game series developed by Ensemble Studios, originally known as Ensemble Studios releasing the first and second games. The game plays like a real-time strategy video game, where the player has to build a civilization from the stone age to the nuclear age, conquering other civilizations and leading their units to victory. Age of Empires is a classic real-time strategy game that launched way back in 1997. While it hasn’t aged well over the years, the game is still a favorite among fans who have fond memories of the game’s deep gameplay and rich single-player campaign. (The original version, not the remakes.)

Are there any games like Age of Empires for ps4?

Having a large game library like pc gaming, comes with one huge problem: you never have enough time to play them all. Games are designed to be immersive, and if you are not spending time with them, you will soon feel bored. While Age of Empires 4 is one of the most popular real-time strategy games of all time—especially for Windows users—its console counterpart is an exception, with it only being released on the Xbox One, back in the fall of 2015, by The Coalition. Though, there’s been no word on what the future holds for a PlayStation version.

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